ATB Coin Congratulates Users on Successful Network Launch!

Today, September 14th, the official blockchain launch of the decentralized ATB Coin cryptocurrency takes place, which is designed to become one of the fastest and technologically advanced digital currencies in the world!

ATB Coin team congratulates and sincerely expresses gratitude to all users, investors, and also those who participated in the development of the project in the early stages! As you know, for the first time the platform was presented at the presentation conference in New York on June 8th this year. Thanks to joint efforts, in just a short time the American project, ATB Coin has an ambitious mission (see Road Map) which has reached the world level. administration reports that the site has already published a section with step-by-step instructions on how to transfer the balance to your ATB Coin personal account.

Detailed instructions on how to download / delete your wallet are available in this section.

A reminder that today, September 14, 2017, ATB Coin will participate in a conference on blockchain technologies – CoinAlts Fund Symposium which will be held in St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, CA. Expanding to other near future plans on the project, ATB Coin will enter the world crypto-exchanges, where it will be possible to immediately start trading in cryptocurrencies, as for mobile applications, the wallets versions will soon be available on iOS and Android.

For all questions that interest you, in regard to any bugs when testing the network, contact technical support at


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