ATB Wallet Available in Android app Soon

Dear Investors!

At the moment, the final testing of the ATB Wallet mobile version for Android will be conducted, which immediately after that, the announcement will be made and the Android-version will be available for download to our investors. In the near future, a version for iOS devices will be also released.

Note that the mobile version of the ATB Wallet on both major platforms – Android and IOS – contains a full range of functionality and benefits available to users of desktop Wallet including the ATB-code – a special service inside the ATB Coin wallets, containing a number of additional opportunities for using cryptocurrency, such as cold storage of coins and transfer of coins to users whose addresses are unknown to you. ATB-code is a modified analog of BTC-E codes. The underlying idea of ​​codes was implemented on more reliable and modern protocols, and due to its own autonomous blockchain , ATB-code gets a wider scope.

We would like to remind you that currently the team is completing the preparatory work on launching the network. In the upcoming days, the network will work on the proof-of-work algorithm, which is necessary to extract the genesis of the block and will produce the first issue of coins. Once the block is found, the network will switch to proof-of-stake technology and official wallets of the working network will be available for download. From this point on, each investor will be able to receive the coins purchased earlier at his or her ATB address.


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