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At the moment, information about investments made during two rounds of ICO is transferred to the unit. The operation is not fast and daringly laborious. Data transfer takes several days. After the data is transferred to the block system, the network will be launched on the POW technology to get the genesis block. Genesis block contains all the coins, until it is found - there will be no coins in the network. The extraction of the first block can take just a few days. At the time of extraction, the genesis of the block will be the first issue of ATB Coin and it is at this point that each investor will have the opportunity to collect his coins for personal wallets that will be downloaded from the site when we post it for download. The whole process will be in that order.
 All this is written in the news, which was published yesterday, at the time of the completion of the second round.
 To clarify the start of trading on the stock exchange, I remind you that it is not possible to start trading before the first coins are issued.
 Regarding This is our blockchain explorer. A resource on which you can view information about transactions and transactions in public. Since the network is still in test mode, while we transfer the data to the work unit, displays the statistics of the test network. As soon as the working network is launched - you will be able to observe here all the transitions and operations of blockchain ATB Coin.
You can still buy extra tokens with 10% discount (1 ATB = 2.5 USD) until test mode not finished yet


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