New Version of ATB Coin Wallet to Provide Mining

Starting from today, the new versions of ATB Coin Wallet 1.0.1 are available to all users. Download updated wallets for WINDOWS, MAC OS, and LINUX following the link.

The main update of this release is the addition of the Proof-of-stake (PoS) mining capability. This protocol for confirming cryptocurrency transactions is characterized by its ecological compatibility and does not require the use of energy resources for coin mining. When using this method, the algorithm for generating blocks with transactions does not depend on the capacity of the equipment.

Detailed instructions for launching the mining on your device can be found here:

Mining in the ATB wallet is started by the flag -staking=1. All you need to do as the user, is run the application with the flag -staking=1 to enable mining and -staking=0 to disable it. By default, it is disabled.

Running the application with -staking=1 for Windows
In order to do this, you as the user need to create a shortcut for your application and add shortcut properties

-staking=1 example:

A wallet launched through the shortcut created by you as the user will run.
Run the application with -staking=1 for Mac

Open Terminal using the Spotlight search. In the Spotlight search box, type the word Terminal and press “Enter”, then enter the following command in the terminal: open -a ATBcoin-qt -staking=1

Running the application with -staking=1 for Linux Open the terminal in the directory with the application (atbcoin-qt)

and run it with the -staking=1 option.


./atbcoin-qt -staking=1

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