ATB Coin Daily Trading Volume Exceeds $1 million

Dear Project Participants!

We want to share pleasant news with you! The ATB Coin is becoming one of the daily leaders in trading volume, breaking the $1,000,000 mark. At the time of writing the post, this figure accounted for $1,539,720 (279.25 BTC), according to the CoinMarketCap – the service for tracking the value, capitalization, and volume of known digital currencies.

Taking into account the data of the service, the greatest demand for ATB Coin cryptocurrency is observed on the most popular international exchanges, such as HitBTC, BTC-Alpha, TopBtc and Yobit.

It is noteworthy that the ATB Coin capitalization is also growing and at the moment already accounts for $41,767,313 or 7,575 BTC thanks to which the cryptocurrency is listed on the TOP-100 digital currencies out of 1181 represented on the service.

As we can see, ATB Coin is rapidly gaining popularity while successfully implementing the ambitious project plans, as identified in the roadmap on the official site step by step. We sincerely hope that ATB Coin will soon change the experience of using the digital currency and destroy all the barriers between the financial world and consumers, allowing everyone to use the most reliable and high-quality means of payment all over the world.


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